Ayus Shado

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I worked with Amaka Adindu of AA Consulting Services Inc for over a year. She is dedicated to her work and enjoys helping clients get their social media management and customization.

She helped me customize my social media presence for my Zumba fitness consulting Service including email marketing setup.

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube Channel and content. Promotional flyers and etc. Bubbles Fitness.

She is knowledgeable in her area of work. Friendly and understanding. She takes her time to get the work done.

I host Zumba Classes in Calgary she helped out in organizing the event including creating the brochures for the event. She did live video streaming for some of the local events I hosted.

It is great working with Amaka. She is patient and understanding and knowledgeable in all things Social media and etc. As Bubbles Fitness is all set up Amaka is still available for when ever I need her assistance.

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